In Memoriam

This is a new page which will be updated as the names of deceased parishioners are submitted.  Please let me know the names of former parishioners who should be added.

Of your Charity, please pray for the repose of the souls of our former parishioners.

"It is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they may be released from their sins."   ( 2nd Book of Maccabees ) 



Dudley Other
Mary Towle , Feb 1975 John Price Jan/23 Pope Emeritus Benedict XV
George Towle,, April 1942 Maria Inez Lopez da Costa                Bishop David McGough
Bernard Towle Beatrice Njoki  Theresa Izuegbunam (Nigeria) Apr/23
Phyllis Towle, Nov Victor Awili  (feb) Philomena Aroh   (Nigeria)
Joseph Towle, June 2013 Gisele Benavukila  
Joseph Marshall John Marrow  
Lilian Jackson Maria Stepaniak  
James Jackson William Hart  
Alan Smith David Gale      
Mary Rickards March 2024 Paula Gale  
Joyce Boyle Jan 2023 Deacon James Fantham                   
Anna Rossi Betty Gill    Sep/23  
Veronica Boyle Jan 2023 Enrico Ditano  Jun/23  
Ben Rollason Jim Corcoran  July/23  
Alice Rollason Colm Thomas O'Driscoll Feb/24  
Joseph Rollason Patricia Heffernan  Feb/24  
Eileen Ford Richard Simcox  
Tom Gateley Leonard Simcox  
Sarah Gateley    
Percy Holloway    
Ann Victoria (Queenie) Holloway    
Alan Holloway    
William Boyle    
Doris Boyle    
Peter Boyle    
Robert William Clifton Nov/23    
Vera Butler  Oct/23    
Patricia Grinnell  Jul/23    
William Grinnell    
Majory White May/23    
Frederick Brian Ricketts May/23    
Filomena Bianca  May/23    
Thomas Thornton    
Jessica Thornton    
Paul Thornton    
Joseph Thornton    
Cecelia Furness    
Miss Schubert    
Albert Smith    
Nancy Smith    
Patrick (Paddy) Hennessy    
Marjory Hennessy    
Pauline Hall    
Bert Butler    
Arthur Hastilow    
Molly Hastilow    
William Rickards    
Ellen Rickards    
James Henry Thornton    
Ellen Thornton    
Dennis Day    
Brenda Day    
Edith Brown    
Miriam Blakesley    
Patricia Lowe    
Patricia Smith    
Ivy Broome    
Peter Wellings    
May Wellings    
Gina Orefice    
Richard Nugent    
Christine Nugent    
Carl Walters    
Frank McHugh    
Winifred McHugh    
Mary Stanley    
Patricia Hilda Bernadette Kelly Feb/2024    
Frederick Holloway Sep/1972    
Monica Holloway  May/2013    
Margaret O'Driscoll    
Veronica Elwell    
Norman Elwell    


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